Smothered Green Beans make for a light side in a homemade spring meal

With spring in full swing—and beautiful weather in the forecast this week—it reminds us of spending time outside, playing in the garden with our children and enjoying nice, mild weekends. Recipe writer Tracey Koch wrote our April issue’s recipes with those memories in mind. This month’s menu is all about throwback dishes that welcome the season. A side of Smothered Green Beans with New Potatoes and Onions is the perfect complement to Tracey’s Baked Ham with Roasted Garlic Glaze.

This is a favorite side for a crowd because it serves as both a vegetable and starch. It is also a lighter side to balance an indulgent spread that otherwise might be dominated by heavier dishes. This time of year, when new potatoes and green beans are so fresh and tender, it does not take much for these veggies to shine.

Read on for the Smothered Green Beans recipe, as well as all the other ideas Tracey has for the month. The recipe originally appeared in the April 2021 edition of 225.