Skip the brain freeze, go for the gelato at La Divina Italian Cafe

With warmer days calling for cooler treats to get us through the spring and summer season, inRegister looked to La Divina Italian Cafe to serve up a spread of mouthwatering gelato flavors to help beat the heat. While some people may say gelato is just a “fancy” version of ice cream, its ingredients and Italian techniques make it quite distinct compared to the American frozen treat. To educate us on gelato (and to spotlight some flavors), inRegister spoke to one of La Divina’s owners, Mary LeBlanc, to get a taste of what the Acadian Village shopping center gelataria is serving up this season.

“Gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, so if you put ice cream in your mouth, it’s going to be colder and numb the tongue,” explains LeBlanc. This means that flavors in gelato—with its easy-on-the-palate temperature—tend to pop more than your traditional treat.

Read on for more about what makes gelato so distinct—and also so yummy—in this May 13 inRegister story.