A simple ceviche recipe for an at-home Cinco de Mayo celebration

There are plenty of celebrations for Cinco de Mayo happening around Baton Rouge today. But if you’re not ready to head to a crowded restaurant just yet, ceviche is a great dish to make for a fête at home.

OK, so it’s not authentically Mexican; it’s native to Peru. But this popular seafood salad has weaved its way into all sorts of culinary cultures. There’s good reason: It’s light, fresh and easy to put together, and if you live in a seafood-rich region like we do, it’s something you should make routinely. For Cinco de Mayo, it’s a terrific starter that plays well against more robust dishes like grilled beef fajitas or roast pork tacos.

While ceviche usually means a seafood salad whose proteins are “cooked” for several hours in citrus juice, this version uses shrimp and flounder that have each been lightly poached. It reduces the amount of time you need to marinate the dish, and it eliminates any concern over food safety. Read on for the full recipe, which originally appeared in a May 2017 edition of 225 Dine.

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