Try your hand at these homemade devil dogs for Halloween celebrations

Recipe writer Tracey Koch is a lover of all things retro. Which is why when it comes to Halloween candy, she dips back into the recipes from her childhood, like peanut butter taffy, salted caramel apples and a big favorite: devil dogs.

These are a chocolate cake treat that is much like an oblong whoopie pie. Made from a dense chocolate cake and light creamy filling, it’s the perfectly balanced sweet treat to feed the kid in all of us.

For Tracey’s recipe, she enhanced the vanilla flavor in the fluffy white filling by using vanilla bean along with pure vanilla extract, and the end result was delicious.

She decorated them with Halloween candies, but you could make them a little more fancy by drizzling them with some dark chocolate and topping them with a fresh raspberry or two.

Read on for the recipe, which appeared in the October 2018 edition of 225.