This popular Lafayette cookie shop is planning a BR location

Caroline’s Cookies is bringing its distinctive thick cookies to Baton Rouge with a second location, its first outside of Lafayette.

The announcement was made on Instagram, with posts on both the original Caroline’s Cookies account and a newly created Instagram account for the new Baton Rouge location. There are no other details about the Baton Rouge new location.

The bakery, opened by 21-year-old Lafayette native Caroline Merryman, offers thick, dome-shaped cookies in a variety of flavors. Each month, Merryman’s cookie shop offers an assortment of specialty cookies, with this month including plays on strawberry PopTarts and chocolate pie.

Merryman initially started the business in 2020, baking cookies out of her family’s kitchen during lockdown and selling them through her Instagram account. Since opening her storefront in August 2021, the business has tripled its staff and created two additional kitchens.

Caroline’s Cookies joins businesses like Insomnia Cookies and Crumbl Cookies as specialty dessert shops, with the latter offering a similar menu of rotating specialty cookies. Unlike the other two baked goods stores in Baton Rouge that are national chains, Caroline’s Cookies is locally owned.

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