One-pan Greek dinner

August is one of our hottest months and even though it is still summer on the calendar, around here the summer holidays are ending. It is once again time for the kids to head back to school and for all of us to return to our more fast-paced daily routines. When my kids were younger, I always felt the pressure of the new school year, dreading the hectic schedules that come with the end of summer holidays. Something that helped me relieve a bit of stress with the new school year’s schedule was to have a few easy one-dish meals that I could prep ahead and have ready to serve in under an hour. This month, I’m turning to Shrimp or Chicken Santorini. It’s one of my favorite do-ahead, single-pan dinners. It’s a delicious, Greek-inspired dish that is easy to make any night of the week and can be served over pasta, rice, couscous or pita bread. I like to pair it with a quick green salad or hummus to make a complete meal.


Recipes by Tracey Koch

Homemade Hummus with Fresh Veggies

Oven-Roasted Shrimp or Chicken Santorini

Baklava Sundae

This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of 225 magazine.