A new cheesesteak restaurant opens at the corner of Corporate and College

Melty, a new cheesesteak, hamburger and wing restaurant, had a soft opening earlier this week on College Drive near the intersection with Corporate Boulevard.

General manager Neil Muhaisen says the new restaurant offers something entirely new for the neighborhood, bringing cheesesteaks to the College Drive area.

“There’s really nothing around us that’ll be like this,” Muhaisen says.

Muhaisen has experience in this realm of food service, having previously owned a similar restaurant in Plaquemine called Cheesy’s. He chose to expand his prospects in Baton Rouge with Melty.

Muhaisen’s partners at Melty, owners Ahmad Kayed and Nidal Darkhalil, also own the Jubilee Express convenience store and Speedzone gas station across the street.

The business, which takes over the space formerly occupied by Serop’s Express, expects  business to grow after a grand opening planned around Dec. 15.

Eventually, Muhaisen says he’d like to see Melty expand across the Capital Region and even across the state. “Franchising is the future,” he says. Find more info on Facebook.

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