Make Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Zest for an at-home Valentine’s Day dinner

This year above any other, it’s OK if you want to skip out on the Valentine’s Day rush at restaurants. After all, we’ve gotten good at celebrating holidays and milestones at home over the past year.

225 recipe writer Tracey Koch wants to help you whip up a homemade, restaurant-caliber dinner for your loved one. On the menu: Seared Scallops, Sweet Corn and Andouille Risotto and a perfectly sweet dessert of Ice Cream Bon Bons.

And we can’t forget some nice, bright veggies to serve on the side. Roasted asparagus are a go-to. They take no time to prepare and are quite versatile. The addition of the fresh lemon zest brightens this dish up and makes it a good vegetable to serve to help balance out some of the richness of the risotto.

Read on for the full recipe and all other dishes for this Valentine’s Day dinner, which originally appeared in the February 2021 issue of 225.