It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Booth sales start around Baton Rouge this Friday

Time to finish up those Thin Mints you’ve been hoarding in the freezer. Starting this Friday, Feb. 23, you can get fresh ones. Local Girl Scouts will be selling directly to the public at cookie booths in stores all around the city for a little over two weeks.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, which promotes the development of entrepreneurial skills like goal setting and money management, helps young girls earn money for fun, educational activities, says Girl Scouts Louisiana East communications specialist Maleiya Porter-Jones.

“The aim of the cookie sale this year is to promote the next century of the female entrepreneur,” Porter-Jones says, “So everything is girl-led.” 

Though Girl Scout cookie sales date all the way back to 1917, modern scouts have had the opportunity to work with exciting new technology-based tools. Since 2014, girls have been able to collect online orders through the Digital Cookie platform. At the beginning of the cookie season, the scouts receive a link to a personalized sales page they can then promote with links on social media and in emails.

“It’s great if the girls have grandparents or any relatives that live out of town,” Porter-Jones says. “You can buy Girl Scout cookies wherever you go, but [these grandparents] can use this platform to directly support their grandchild.” 

Once the direct cookie booth sales begin Friday, cookie enthusiasts can use the Cookie Finder website and app. Type in your Zip code for a list of upcoming sale dates, locations and times. Typical cookie booth locations for our area include local grocery stores, Walmarts, the Mall of Louisiana, craft stores, churches, restaurants and theaters. Cookie Finder is already populated with the full cookie season schedule, so check your area for a list of nearby cookie booth locations.


The Louisiana East council serves 23 Louisiana parishes from Pointe Coupee to Plaquemines, and local Girl Scouts will be selling nine cookie varieties across the area from Friday, Feb. 23, to Sunday, Mar. 11.

At $4 a box, you can purchase Girl Scout cookie classics such as Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Shortbreads, and Thin Mints, as well as new favorites Lemonades, Thanks-a-lot and Girl Scout S’mores. Some troops will also have gluten-free Trios, a tasty combination of peanut butter, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie, for $5 a box. Select booths will be accepting credit cards, but all booths take cash.