Fresh tuna tartare is Baton Rouge’s latest ‘it’ dish

Chalk it up to the proliferation of sushi and poke restaurants across Baton Rouge, or simply to our collective expanding palates, but tuna served raw or rare is having a moment on local appetizer menus. Mild, buttery and tender, it pairs well with all sorts of different flavors.

For some diners, it’s an opportunity to start with something light and flavorful before moving on to heavier indulgences, says Stab’s Steak and Seafood General Manager Keven Kimball.

The Bocage restaurant’s tuna tartare, created by Stab’s executive chef Bernard Carmouche, combines fresh raw tuna with morsels of avocado. It’s formed with a ring mold and served on a bed of whipped cream cheese with balsamic drizzle and flecks of lemon zest.

Kimball says the restaurant sources the fish from the Gulf. “I prefer to use fresh yellowfin tuna,” he says, “but now and again we can get bluefin tuna.”

Raw or rare tuna starters to try around town

Bluefin tuna poke at Supper Club

High-end cuts of tuna paired with pear, avocado and soy honey

Tuna crudo at Bin 77

Raw tuna with veal and herb aioli, arugula, crisp fingerling potatoes and lemon vinaigrette

Pepper-crusted tuna at Tallulah Crafted Food and Wine Bar

Seared and served with shaved Brussels sprouts slaw, pickled red onion, crispy wontons and miso emulsion

Ahi tuna salad at Mansurs on the Boulevard

Sesame encrusted, seared and served with wakame seaweed salad and a garnish of wasabi and soy syrup

Tuna wrap at Overpass Merchant

Fresh chunks of tuna and mango, rice noodles and butter lettuce cups

Asian black and blue tuna at Jubans

Rare tuna accessorized with blue cheese miso, blackberry soy sauce and ginger slaw

Stab’s Tuna Tartare

Tuna tartare at Stab’s Steak and Seafood

Fresh raw tuna and avocado served over whipped cream cheese with balsamic drizzle and flecks of lemon zest

Atún crudo at Solera

Raw tuna with adobo aioli, green romesco sauce and kombu (kelp) balsamic served with toasted baguette slices

Seared ahi tuna at Phil’s Oyster Bar

Seared rare and served with soy-ginger sauce and mirliton slaw

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of 225 magazine.