EM’s Bakery brings colorful Japanese baked goods to Baton Rouge

Bright purple yam bread and green, fluffy matcha cheesecake aren’t your everyday desserts in Baton Rouge. 

That’s probably why home baker Michelle Huynh usually sells out of her baked goods within an hour online. Huynh is the owner of EM’s Bakery. She sells purple yam bread, milk bread, Japanese matcha cheesecake, purple yam cheesecake and braided sausage bread. She primarily sells her food on Instagram, where buyers in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette purchase all of her cakes and loaves the same day she posts about them. 

Michelle Huynh is the owner of EM’s Bakery

Huynh started baking in her home kitchen in July 2019. She wanted to create unique baked goods she hadn’t seen locally. She started experimenting with different Asian recipes and shared them with her friends on social media. Before she knew it, she was receiving requests for orders through Instagram, and she never looked back. 

The home baker’s creations are jaw-dropping. The milk loaves are tall and thick, the purple yam cheesecake is bold, vibrant and moist, and the sausage bread looks like braided artwork. 

The 25-year-old spends most of her days in the kitchen. On average, she makes 50 loaves of bread and 20 cakes per week. When she’s not in the kitchen, she is making deliveries to her customers in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans. Locally, she sells select items at Teatery Tea and Tapioca. This year, she plans to start accepting less orders so she can sell more of her baked goods at Teatery. 

Huynh has a close relationship with food. Before becoming a full-time baker, she worked at Chow Yum Phat and Gov’t Taco at White Star Market before the food hall closed. She aims to own her own bakery and cafe in the future where locals can try her baked goods and other tasty dishes. 

Follow EM’s Bakery on Instagram to find out when new cakes and loaves are available.