Dig into pasta with 225’s February 2024 issue, on stands now around Baton Rouge

Pasta in Baton Rouge doesn’t look quite like what you might twirl a fork around in Naples. Because as with all other food groups, our local chefs always come to play. Portions are generous. Sauce is luscious, creamy and never underseasoned. Forget a pasta party—it’s a pasta parade.

At long-running eateries like Monjunis Italian Café & Grocery or Gino’s Restaurant, the family red-sauce recipes span generations. Nino’s and Overpass Merchant are plating tender, house-made pasta. At Italian-inspired markets like Cannatella Grocery and Randazzo’s Italian Market, shoppers can snatch up fresh pasta to build renditions of Bolognese or mac ‘n’ cheese. And textural noodles are handcrafted with care for slurpable bowls of ramen at Boru.

Our February 2024 cover story is all about pasta in the Capital Region—because we absolutely do not have to travel to Rome to savor an artfully crafted plate of it. Also in this month’s edition, flip through stories on the Baton Rouge African American Museum’s new era; how local florists are preparing for their busiest holiday of the year; why a local Mardi Gras parade wants its throws to feel special; and much more.

Flip through it all below, and be sure to pick up the print copy on newsstands now around the Capital Region. Let us know what you think at [email protected].