Caffeine-free drinks at Baton Rouge coffee shops

Caffeine isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s a personal preference or for health reasons, sometimes you just want a tasty drink that doesn’t give you the jitters or make you talk a mile a minute.

Thankfully, coffee shops in Baton Rouge serve decaf, caffeine-free and low-caffeine beverages that are just as flavorful, layered and refreshing as gourmet coffee drinks. Tea beverages have just as large of a following as coffee lovers. That may be because of all of the benefits from tea—the natural antioxidants help with digestion, give you a natural energy boost and can speed up your metabolism.

Here are some unique coffee-free drink offerings around town.

Reve Coffee Lab

Golden Days: This hot or iced drink tastes like a warm, cozy hug feels. The tea latte is made with honey, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, chili flakes and milk.

Mood Tea: Let’s be real. Who doesn’t want to try one of those Instagram-worthy drinks? Here’s one for you. This interactive drink is made with lavender and pea flower iced tea and is served with a side of lemonade to pour into your drink. Like a science experiment, the drink changes color from blue to purple once the lemonade is added. Cool, right?

Red Reve Redemption: Some drinks scream summertime, and this is one you’ll crave on those inevitable how-is-it-this-hot-in-October days. This red agua fresca is made with watermelon juice, cucumber, lime and mint mixed with sparkling Topo Chico mineral water and poured into a glass with a Tajin chili seasoning rim.

French Truck Coffee

Blue Eyes: Savor the floral and fruity taste of this refreshing hibiscus tea with notes of apple, orange, rosehip and blue cornflower petals.

Decaf New Orleans Iced Coffee: Yes, you can get French Truck’s famous New Orleans iced coffee without bouncing off the walls. Order the decaf version brewed with chicory and mixed with sweetener and milk.

Light House Coffee

Turmeric ginger lemonade: A good Arnold Palmer is both refreshing and tasty. This drink is just that—made with half turmeric ginger tea and half lemonade resulting in a citrusy and sweet, thirst-quenching experience.

Magpie Cafe

Decaf espresso: Do you love the coffee taste but not the caffeine that comes with it? No worries. Magpie Cafe offers a decaf espresso that can be paired with any latte or coffee drink.

Superfood latte: Your afternoon pick-me-up doesn’t have to be filled with espresso. Get a superfood latte instead. These earthy drinks are made with mushroom-based powders and supplements and combined with hot water and the milk of your choice. Flavors include beet, turmeric and chocolate.

The Vintage

Crimson Cooler: Stay cool with this hibiscus tea kept on ice. The fruity and light tea can be served hot or iced.

This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of 225 magazine.