Boom Box Pops brings unique ’80s-inspired cold treats to Baton Rouge

Boom Box Pops has brought its funky fresh popsicles and ice cream from Lake Charles to Highland Road.

Inside its first Baton Rouge shop, guests are greeted by ’80s nostalgia. There’s a cassette tape collage, portraits of Madonna and David Bowie and an ’80s soundtrack playing over the speakers.

But the store’s popsicle and ice cream flavors are anything but old-school.

One of its signature treats, 99 Red Doubloons, is a strawberry pina colada popsicle made with fresh strawberries and Boom Box Pops’ homemade pina colada mix. The soft-textured popsicle is sweet but not too sweet.  

The No Cream Compares 2 U ice cream is an upgraded take on cookies and cream. While most cookies and cream ice cream desserts don’t include the cookie’s cream filling, Boom Box tries to mimic that flavor and texture using freeze-dried marshmallows. The marshmallows melt to give you that perfect cream-filling taste.

Boom Box also pays homage to its Louisiana roots, with flavors like Pop You Like a Hurricane, made with Pat O’Brien’s hurricane mix and mango nectar; Mascarpone Needs Women, made with mascarpone cheese, honey and Meyer’s Lemon Olive Oil; and Chicory and Ivory, made with Acadian Roasters chicory coffee and sweet cream. 

The shop prioritizes all-natural ingredients—its rule of thumb is to stick to ingredients you can pronounce, says founder and CEO Nick Villaume. Seasonal fruits from local farmers markets are highlighted in some flavors.

“The experience here is different,” says Chris Primeaux, managing partner of Bringing the Boom, the first franchisee of Boom Box Pops. “We really need places like this, where you can bring your family in, have a treat, sit and relax, and play games. We want people to feel welcome and know that our customers are extremely important to us.”

Boom Box Pops is at 4410 Highland Road. To learn more about Boom Box Pops, visit its website.