Believe it or not, you can have frozen treats delivered to you, too

Back in our day, our ears would perk up at the sounds of an ice cream truck rolling through the neighborhood. We never knew when the truck would arrive, but those first musical notes always sent us dashing indoors to grab some quarters.

In 2018, there’s no need to wait for the ice cream man anymore. That gourmet banana split or fro-yo craving? It can now be satisfied with a few taps on our phones. Today, you’ll find several ice cream, custard, smoothie and yogurt shops available for delivery on apps like Waitr.

But without a large ice truck, do the treats actually stay fresh? Yes, according to Holy Cow Frozen Custard owner Kristi May. The Denham Springs dessert shop joined the delivery service this year. To ensure the freshest products, Waitr uses an insulated bag to prevent the custard from melting. The shop restricts delivery to a seven-mile radius, guaranteeing that the car ride to the customer is not overly long. And most importantly, the shop watches its timing.

“We wait for Waitr to come, and then we make the order when they get there so that it can be the freshest it can be,” May explains.

From the perspective of a shop owner, May is confident Waitr has changed her business for the better. Her proof? Rainy days. Before joining Waitr, the shop was slow on stormy afternoons. Now, she has just as many customers then—if not more.
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A few frozen treat delivery options

• Holy Cow Custard
• Marble Slab Creamery
• Rock N Pops
• Smallcakes
• Smoothie King
• Sunset Smoothie
• Yogurtland

Is cocktail delivery next?

Louisiana has always had the unmatched convenience of drive-thru daiquiri joints. But soon, the state could make access to alcoholic beverages even easier. Earlier this year, efforts to allow new and existing food delivery companies to start delivering alcohol resulted in the creation of the Louisiana Retail Food and Beverage E-Commerce Task Force. The group, comprised of both supporters and opponents of, meets monthly to discuss proposals and try to reach an agreement. Recommendations from the task force will go to the legislature next March.

This article was originally published in the December 2018 issue of 225 Magazine.

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