Baton Rouge startup planning fully automated pizza kitchen

Baton Rouge-based startup Speedy Eats is laying the groundwork to create the first fully-automated restaurant in the city, partnering with Seattle-based food service technology Picnic Works to feature the company’s autonomous pizza ovens.

Founded in 2016, Picnic Works develops specialized technology for food service.

Speedy Eats, owned by Bancroft Automated Restaurant Services, is planning to open its first automated kitchen in Baton Rouge in early 2023. The standalone restaurant-in-a-box concept is meant to be placed indoors or outdoors or in empty parking lots and is open to anyone at any time of day or night.

The current Speedy Eats menu features five pizza options—which will be created by Picnic Works pizza technology—chicken entrees, BBQ dishes, sides, cold beverages and condiments.

According to the companies’ announcement, Picnic Works’ pizza station technology can assemble up to 100 pizzas per hour. Read more.

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