Basel’s Market food truck opening brick-and-mortar this summer on Highland Road

Sitting in a pastel green bistro chair—one of the many that will soon fill the rooms of Basel’s Market’s permanent location on Highland Road—in a white-walled room reserved for the restaurant’s market, owner Kalyn Lindsly looks out the window to the front courtyard and envisions the bustling crowds she hopes will fill it this summer.

After a year of quietly looking for a space to plant her feet, Lindsly’s vision for taking Basel’s Market from a food truck to a brick-and-mortar has begun to materialize before her very eyes. What was once just an old house is now taking on fresh coats of paint, antique trinkets, hefty equipment for serving up sandwiches, and a host of finishing touches to welcome Basel’s Market’s to its new home.

“I was kind of itching to sell the food truck,” Lindsly says. “I had been running it since 2017, and I knew the time had come. This location is just so charming, and it gives you a homey vibe. I was ready for people to come and see me at any time, not just when I was parked.”

At 5435 Highland Road, the soon-to-open location of Basel’s Market is tucked away from the busy street, hidden behind brick walls that lead through a green gate into a charming little courtyard—and the inside is equally as inviting. From the wood floors to the fireplace to the slim wooden front door with a bell ready to jingle at visitors as they step inside, Basel’s Market exudes old-timey charm.

“The food truck was very rustic, and this place gave me a little room to grow into the cuteness I wanted,” laughs Lindsly. “If I tried to keep fresh flowers in the food truck they would just fall over, but here, you can see all the pretty things out in the open.”

With the food truck parked for good, Lindsly is hoping to pass the truck on to someone equally as excited to pursue their dream as she was four years ago. Each week, trundling down the road in that big metal machine, Lindsly experienced all the growing pains of starting a food business that would eventually lead Basel’s Market to a permanent home.

“I knew I wanted to do this, but I knew I had to start from the bottom,” says Lindsly. “That’s why I did the food truck. I wanted to see what I was doing that people liked and get people to grow with me. I feel like people love to see you start from the beginning, see all your challenges and stick with you. I really did enjoy that.”

With the doors slated to open up to diners this summer, Basel’s Market’s existing clientele can expect all their favorites to remain on the menu, but with a few surprising additions.

“I might dab on a few things, but I’m going to try to keep it simple. I’m not going to try and confuse the menu too much, but I’m going to add some healthier items and, of course, desserts,” chuckles Lindsly.

As Lindsly dots her I’s and crosses her T’s to gear up for Basel’s Market’s opening, she’s also thinking about the new smiling faces she’ll meet and the exciting times ahead.

“Basel’s Market Food Truck has been our home for several years, so we’re excited to have a permanent home and invite everyone in,” Lindsly says. “It’s just like a Nancy Meyers movie, and I can’t wait for everyone to see this charming new environment.”

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