7 desserts to try around Baton Rouge for National Ice Cream Month

Here’s the scoop: July is National Ice Cream Month. So take these last few days of the month as your excuse to celebrate with cones, cups and all the candy toppings. 

Everyone has their own unique go-to orders, so we asked the 225 staff to share some of the ways they like to order their ice cream. Maybe our creations will tempt you to try something new the next time you’re craving something sweet and frozen.

And though this month is dedicated to ice cream, you can also try other frozen treats, such as gelato from spots like La Divina, sample a new frozen yogurt flavor from a place like Pho Cafe, or get into the drive-thru line at Andy’s for a frozen custard. Take your pick; we won’t tell.

Espresso Gelato at Rocca

“To finish off a Rocca pizza dinner, order a gelato sourced from Piccola Gelateria in New Orleans. I ordered the espresso gelato. Arriving in a sculpted glass bowl, the gelato was creamy, rich and delicate, with bits of coffee bean scattered throughout.”

—Marien Richardson, 225 contributing writer

Staff photo

Japanese Taiyaki Cones at Sweet Society

“I’m totally addicted to the custard-stuffed, fish-shaped cones at Sweet Society. I love to smash up the cone in my ice cream cup, so I get the textures of the crispy waffle cone and the creamy custard in every bite. The cones seem to complement whatever soft serve flavors you throw at them, from the tangier Strawberry and Dole Whip to the milder Hokkaido Milk to the richer Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Which is good, because the shop’s flavors are always rotating.”

—Jennifer Tormo Alvarez, 225 editor

Root Beer Floats at Frostop

“Local ice cream’s getting fancier these days, but for a total throwback experience, I like a root beer float from the Frostop downtown. There’s something about root beer blended with creamy, vanilla soft serve that takes me back to childhood when I’d make these at home with my dad. The way you get that sudsy hit of soda effervescence amid all that creaminess is so yummy. And if root beer’s not your jam, you can order a float with Coke or another type of soda.”

—Maggie Richardson, 225 features writer

File photo

Tiger Bite Ice Cream at LSU AgCenter Dairy Store

“While attending LSU, I found out about the hidden gem on campus: the Dairy Store. Nothing’s better than finishing a day full of classes with some homemade ice cream. At about four dollars a cone, my friends and I became big fans and returning customers at the Dairy Store. As a recent graduate of LSU, I still go to campus to get this treat every once in a while. Though you can’t go wrong with any flavor, I’ve been loving the signature Tiger Bite which combines vanilla and blueberry for a unique but fitting purple and gold scoop. I also recommend trying the flavor of the week because a small cup will only cost you a dollar.”

—Olivia Deffes, 225 digital staff writer

Ice cream flight at Gail’s

“It happens every time I walk in the door at Gail’s: major ordering anxiety. Do I want Cortado Crunch (made with French Truck Coffee and crushed up bits of Heath Bar) or Little Monsters (Oreos in vanilla bean ice cream that’s been dyed a vibrant stain-your-tongue-shade of blue)? It’s so stressful to pick! Now that I know Gail’s has four-scoop samplers, I think I’ve finally found my ticket to trying the whole delicious menu.”

—Jennifer Tormo Alvarez, 225 editor

Staff photo

Custom and seasonal concretes at Andy’s

“I always need something sweet after every meal, so living around Andy’s has been a blessing and a curse. I’ve spent months perfecting my order, and I think I got it right: a custom concrete with cheesecake and waffle cone pieces with light caramel and fudge. The cheesecake and waffle cone pieces combine for a soft but crunchy texture, and the light caramel and fudge prevent it from getting clumpy at the end. Another current favorite of mine is the seasonal Key Lime Pie Concrete which has a slice of key lime pie blended into it. I customize this one by adding cheesecake pieces for a little something extra.”

—Olivia Deffes, 225 digital staff writer

Ube and Hokkaido Milk Swirl Ice Cream at Sweet Society

“When both to of these flavors are available in the soft-serve machine and ready to swirl, this treat, paired with a Nutella-stuffed, fish-shaped taiyaki cone, makes for the perfect dessert for the adventurous, while still having a familiar, welcoming energy to it, much like the Asian-fusion dessert parlor itself.”

—Domenic Purdy, 225 contributing writer