The 21 extreme burgers of Baton Rouge: A recap

Since our March 2015 issue, we at 225 have been diving into some of the best and most unique burgers in Baton Rouge. We started with our own must-tries in that March issue, then checked out some of the suggestions of our readers in the subsequent issues. It all culminated with a two-page spread in our December 2015 issue of every burger we featured.

Take a look back at the burgers that satisfied our cravings this year:

The first 13: The Capital City’s must-try burgers (March 2015)

Ambrosia Bakery’s Greek Burger (April 2015)

City Café’s Avocado Burger (May 2015)

Duvic’s Black and Blue Burger (June 2015)

The Cove Hawaiian Grill’s Maui Burger (July 2015)

Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant’s Cali Burger (August 2015)

The Bulldog’s Sasquatch Burger (September 2015)

Pimanyoli’s Sidewalk Café and Catering’s Smokehouse Burger (October 2015)

Stroubes Seafood & Steaks’ Stroubes Burger (November 2015)