Here’s what sets StretchLab Towne Center apart from the competition

Sponsored by StretchLab Towne Center

StretchLab Towne Center, a locally owned, one-on-one assisted stretch studio located along Jefferson Highway, is proud to be celebrating one year in business.

So, what exactly is StretchLab, and why should you be interested? Let’s get into it.

At StretchLab, a certified Flexologist will guide you through a stretch customized to your specific needs, focusing on areas of concern and targeting certain muscle groups. Flexologists employ a “push and release” type of stretching (PNF) that involves resisting at times during the stretch and then releasing, resulting in a deeper, more effective stretch.

Flexologists are all certified and/or licensed in some type of bodyworking field (personal training, physical therapy technicians, yoga instruction, etc.). Perhaps most notably, StretchLab is the only brand of assisted stretch studio to boast a nationally certified stretching accreditation.

“Not just anybody can stretch you effectively,” says Traci LaMoyne, co-owner of StretchLab Towne Center. “Our Flexologists go through a lot of training and have a deep knowledge of anatomy. We’ve invested in their education and training which makes a real difference in our member experience.”

StretchLab’s knowledgeable team isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from the competition. It also utilizes something called MAPS—a 3D body scanning tool that provides information on how well your body is moving. You’ll need to do just a few simple squats, and the MAPS machine will use its 3D camera to process thousands of data points. A Flexologist interprets the results and uses the data to customize your stretch.

But who stands to benefit most from assisted stretching? Well, just about anyone.

There’s no single reason why people find themselves coming to StretchLab. Some people are aiming to improve sports performance, increase range of motion and flexibility, or reduce muscle and joint pain, while others are simply looking to improve posture or reduce stress. No matter what brings you into StretchLab, the results will speak for themselves.

“We have something for everyone,” LaMoyne says. “One of my own concerns is posture. So many of us spend much of our time sitting at a desk, working on computers, and our posture is weakening. There are ways to improve that. There are ways to stand tall, move more fluidly and reduce back issues.”

Just like any activity, consistency is key. StretchLab offers memberships that allow clients to get stretched once or twice per week. All you need is comfortable clothing. Clients typically wear gym shorts, T-shirts or yoga gear with grip socks.

“All you need is some loose clothing,” LaMoyne says. “You don’t break a sweat, so stretching can fit into a busy schedule. We have members who come in on their lunch breaks, and they leave feeling great. You just need to make some time for yourself.”

If you’re interested in finding out how StretchLab and its Flexologists can benefit you, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation. More information can be found online at stretchlab.com/location/townecenter or by calling 225.960.4031.