Here’s how the Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge is helping patients ‘move more, hurt less’

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This year, the Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge is celebrating its 75th anniversary of providing outstanding orthopedic care in the Capital Region—a huge milestone that serves as a testament to the clinic’s ceaseless commitment to excellence.

What sets the clinic apart from other practices in the region is its ability to provide a full spectrum of orthopedic care. For patients, this means that every step of their healing journey can be accessed under one roof, from diagnosis and imaging to physical therapy and beyond. Perhaps most notable is the clinic’s outpatient surgery center, owned and operated by the clinic’s physicians to ensure quality care. The facility features state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional surgeons and a convenient alternative to inpatient procedures.

According to David M. Pope, M.D., who practices general orthopedic surgery at the clinic, the wide array of services offered under the same roof results in added efficiency for both patients and doctors alike.

“From the patient’s perspective, we can basically do ‘A to Z’ orthopedic care in a single location, which is extremely efficient for patients,” Pope said. “From the doctor’s perspective, we’re able to be much more efficient because we’re performing the vast majority of surgeries in our own center, which means we’re able to get patients treated more efficiently. It makes it much easier for us to take care of more patients at the same time.”

What began as one small clinic with only three doctors has since grown remarkably, with 200 specialized employees including 18 physician specialists, nine licensed physician assistants, six licensed nurse practitioners, eight physical and occupational therapy specialists, certified orthopedic technicians and registered radiological technologists. The clinic’s staff is now able to effectively treat people of all ages to correct problems caused by accidents, sports injuries, disabilities, degenerative diseases like arthritis and more.

“We have a breadth of specialists who are all highly skilled in their respective crafts, so we’re really able to offer the full gamut of orthopedic care,” Pope said. “Over the years, we’ve focused on adding quality providers who are focused on patient care and putting the patient’s needs first. I think that’s been a driving force for the clinic’s success through 75 years of service.”

As the Bone & Joint Clinic celebrates 75 years of serving the Baton Rouge area, patients are sharing their success stories on the clinic’s blog. One such patient, Jim Ragland, severely damaged his hand with the 10-inch blade of a weed eater—an injury that required the expert care of an orthopedic hand specialist. He began his treatment journey with the Bone & Joint Clinic’s Charles A. Cefalu, M.D., and the results of his surgery were nothing short of spectacular. He was able to quickly return to work, and he has since become a devoted patient.

“I was just so incredibly impressed,” Ragland said. “I work with doctors and nurses all the time, and this is the epitome of what they should be!”

No matter what orthopedic issues you struggle with, the experts at the Bone & Joint Clinic stand ready to assist. Reaching out to request an appointment is the first step toward the clinic’s primary goal: helping you “move more, and hurt less.”

The Bone & Joint Clinic’s staff can be reached at 225.766.0050. More information is also available online at bjcbr.com.