First Look: Mimosa Handcrafted makes a big move without going too far

Mimosa Handcrafted has outgrown its first storefront, The Mimosa Shopette. The jewelry brand is making a small move to a new spot in the same building as Red Stick Reads near the intersection South Eugene and Government streets, only about 20 feet away from its original shopette. 

With a new space comes a new name: The Mimosa Shoppe. This new Mid City storefront has 410 additional square feet compared to the shopette to help shoppers browse comfortably and tell each piece’s story with contextual decor. Along with the extra room, more items will be available in gold and silver along with the brand’s signature bronze pieces. 

The Mimosa Shoppe opened quietly on Tuesday, Nov. 1, but will hold a grand opening celebration from Friday, Nov. 11 through Sunday, Nov. 13. Customers are welcome to come see the new space, try on jewelry pieces and take advantage of deals during a 30% off mega sale, which will also run online. Goodie bags, sweets and beverages will also be available at the in-person event.

Madeline Ellis, the founder of Mimosa Handcrafted, says the former shopette was a way for her and her team to try out a retail space without committing to a larger storefront. While it allowed them to get experience operating a store, she says they simply outgrew their space.

“It’s been a year that we’ve been in the shopette,” she says. “I was always intimidated by retail, so that was a really good trial period just to get our feet wet, see how it would go and see if people would come to it. And they did. It worked out great, and it was not as scary as I thought it was going to be.”

Ellis and her husband Dawson own the space on South Eugene Street and rented the building out to Red Stick Reads and another tenant. When the back tenant decided not to renew the lease, there was a vacant spot that allowed Red Stick Reads to expand its store and gave Mimosa the opportunity to move into a bigger retail space. 

“Dawson was like ‘Maybe this is a sign that we should move in,’” Ellis recalls. “The timing just kind of all worked out.” 

Though Mimosa is making the move to a new space, the original shopette will still serve an important purpose in the local maker community. Ellis says they plan to offer short term leases to artisans and creators, allowing them to try their hand at a brick and mortar without a long-term commitment. 

“It’s going to be kind of like a little mini incubator for local makers and artists,” Ellis says. “Because we’re so connected to the Mid City Makers Market and other makers in the community…We’re kind of viewing it as like an extended pop up, so we don’t want anybody to feel intimidated.”

Inside the new space, you’ll find thoughtfully-placed displays that help tell the story of each piece. Earthy features tie in the subject of each piece while showing the brand’s appreciation for local flair. From postcards displaying gators next to a silver and turquoise alligator pendant and a glass dome with dried honeycomb placed beside the bee-shaped jewlery pieces, each arrangement is intentional.  

“I feel like we’ve never had the space at market pop ups or in the shopette to be able to really tell the story of the pieces and for me, that’s a really big part of it.,” Ellis says. “I want the pieces to speak for themselves for sure, but sometimes you just need more there to explain it.”

Ellis and her team are not the only ones excited about the new Mimosa Shoppe. The crew at Red Stick Reads is thrilled to have their neighbors and friends move in a little closer and to get a little more space for their store too.

“Ever since they moved in it’s been wonderful for us,” James Hyfield, co-owner of Red Stick Reads says. “Everything that they have done to their property has been in our best interest. It’s foolish to swim against a current that is not only strong but also beneficial. I’m very happy that they’re moving even closer. The development that they put into the property over there allowed us to move into this. It’s all been this unfolding exactly how everyone wanted. It’s hard to be unhappy in any way, shape or form.”

The new Mimosa Handcrafted Shoppe is located at 541 S Eugene St. Follow @mimosahandcrafted on Instagram for more information about the brand and its grand opening event.