For those who prefer puzzles to scares, Baton Rouge’s escape rooms offer a fun alternative to Halloween haunts

For one hour, players become someone else: a cunning robber looking to outsmart casino security, an innocent prisoner trying to escape death row.

Escape rooms thrust participants into foreign scenarios—and contrary to popular belief, they’re not meant to be scary. The games test physical agility, math and logic skills and ability to think under pressure. Teams work together to find clues and solve puzzles before the clock ticks down to 0.

Between Eye Spy Escape Rooms and 13th Gate Escape, Baton Rouge offers eight different escape experiences. Each game must be played with a group of four to eight people, and both companies will also pair smaller teams together to reach the minimum player requirement.

Because they are played in tight quarters with groups working toward a common goal, the escapes are great bonding experiences for friends, family or coworkers.

We’ve highlighted four below. And while each room has its own original storyline written by the companies, we couldn’t help but be reminded of some famous film and TV scenarios.   

If you liked 24, try…

World War 3: Conspiracy Theory at Eye Spy Escape Rooms

A CIA agent gone bad is looking to start World War III. Unless you and your crew can stop her, that is—armed with nothing but maps, lock boxes and written clues. The clock is running out, so ask yourself: What would Jack Bauer do? And even if you don’t know that answer, Eye Spy’s team can offer hints. The hints are considered “free,” meaning they don’t count against your time, unlike at 13th Gate Escape. Phew!

If you liked Ocean’s Eleven, try…

Casino Heist at Eye Spy Escape Rooms

You’re up against casino security, so follow Danny Ocean’s advice and play the game like you’ve got nothing to lose. With a narrative and interaction with live actors, you’ll feel like you’re starring in a play for the night. And at the end of the game, you’ll get to don fun photo booth-style props and take a group photo for Eye Spy’s social media pages. Even if you didn’t make it out with the casino’s cash, the photo makes for a fun souvenir.

If you liked Prison Break, try…

Death Row at 13th Gate Escape

Here’s a high-stakes scenario: If you don’t figure out how to escape your jail cell in 60 minutes, your life is over. Your team must find keys, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape execution. To add some fuel to the fire, you’ve been locked away for a crime you didn’t commit. You must figure out how to break out way faster than Michael Scofield or even the Guardians of the Galaxy crew did in their prison break plots. This game is known as one of 13th Gate’s easier challenges, but even then, it has only a 30% success rate.

If you’re an Indiana Jones fan, try…

Tomb of Anubis at 13th Gate Escape

With a success rate of 10%, this is probably the hardest escape room in the city. Trapped in an ancient Egyptian pyramid, you must discern hieroglyphs, detect different fragrances and decode riddles to move from one part of the tomb to the next. Pro tip: There’s also a lot of sand in the tomb, so choose footwear accordingly.

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This article was originally published in the October 2017 issue of 225 Magazine.