New Pedego Electric Bikes shop now open in Mid City

If you’ve become interested in electric bikes over the past year’s biking boom, a new Mid City shop might be up your alley.

Pedego Electric Bikes opened March 23 in Goodwood Village shopping center on Jefferson Highway, and although the brand has 160 other electric bike shops across the country, this is its first in Louisiana. 

Pedego was looking to expand into new cities. The Baton Rouge store owner Steve Harvin was living in Atlanta, and his wife wanted to move back to her hometown of Baton Rouge. They decided to open a Pedego store here. 

The store carries 20 models of electric bikes that are available to buy or rent. The bikes feature five levels of pedal assistance, along with a throttle. Riders can use the pedals, the throttle, or a combination of both.

“We are trying to serve everyone,” Harvin says. “We’re serving people who haven’t been on a bike in a long time. Electric bikes allow you to go further and faster, and you always know you’ll be able to get back.”

The batteries in the electric bike usually last about about 40-50 miles, Harvin says. 

What makes Pedego stand out is its store experience, Harvin says. Other companies ship their electric bikes to customers, and customers have to find a store locally that will service them. Then, it’s up to that bike shop to service bikes they didn’t sell.

Pedego Electric Bikes only services and sell its own models, and the bikes come with a five-year warranty.

“These bikes are fun,” Harvin says. “When people go for a test ride, they come back with a big smile on their faces. The bikes are reasonable alternative transportation and a green transportation option. We’re giving people that haven’t been on bikes in a long time the ability to get back on a bike and enjoy being outside.”

Pedego Electric Bikes is at 711 Jefferson Highway. 

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