Inside Magnolia Ridge, a zip line carries riders 70 feet over the Comite River

In case you haven’t been paying attention, a veritable adventureland awaits in the woods of East Feliciana Parish. It started nine years ago with Barn Hill Preserve’s animal encounters (including swimming with otters!) on a hilly property between Ethel and Clinton. There’s a safari tour and glamping on the way, too. But if you really want to get on another level, owner Gabe Ligon added the 32-acre zip line park Magnolia Ridge in 2020.

Guests are shuttled from Barn Hill to the start of the zip line course, where they complete a ground school and suit up before joining trained instructors up in the treetops. There are obstacle courses like rope bridges and shorter zip lines to get you acclimated to moving among the birds and squirrels in this peaceful hardwood forest. Eight zip lines in all end with what’s touted as the longest zip line in the state: a breathtaking final journey that zooms 70 feet above a bend in the Comite River before touching down in a grassy meadow.

Zip line adventures take place rain or shine, and come October, you can book some spooky themed nighttime
excursions, too.