The Great Escape: Three Roll Estate

Louisiana’s single-estate distillery, Three Roll got its name from the three steel rolls used to crush the cane grown in the heart of the Louisiana delta.

Why we Love

Put this one on your itinerary. Three Roll’s distillery and tasting room bar is easy to find, located right on the edge of downtown Baton Rouge on the corner of St. Philip Street. Three Roll Estate is unique because it is one of the only single-estate distilleries in the nation, which means they do their own farming, milling and distilling process. The sugar products used to produce the spirits come from Three Roll’s parent company, located up the road in Pointe Coupee parish at Alma Plantation and Sugar Mill.

A Must Do

Visitors can book a tour to learn about the history of cane and how the distillers use science and a bit of magic to create sugarcane-based spirits. The tour ends in the tasting room to allow for samples of the award-winning spirits. No time for a tour? Plenty of locals pop in to sip on a handcrafted cocktail. Summer is the perfect time of year for an umbrella drink—and the cane killer cocktail is to die for.