Despite the cold, start thinking about your spring garden and landscaping plans now

While these last couple of days have made us feel like we’re living in the northeast, we’re ready to start looking toward the spring. Because as we all know, Louisiana’s weather can change by the hour. Once everything thaws out, we’ve got the promise of warmer weather ahead in March and April.

Spring will arrive no matter where a garden grows, and preparing for it now is the surest way to bring buds into bloom when the time is right, whether on windowsills or wide green lawns. And OK, maybe this week’s icy temps aren’t ideal for cracking out the shovels and spades or cranking up the lawn mower—for now, please feel free to stay settled in your slippers for the last weeks of February. But while you’re at it, why not plan ahead with this roundup of landscape stories past, where landscape architects show us the ropes for recreating the spring lawns of our dreams.

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