Build your at-home library during this month’s LSU Book Bazaar

With the increase of tablets, audiobooks and podcasts, many readers are abandoning their hardcovers and paperbacks. Whether people are downsizing or switching to e-books, Friends of the LSU Libraries always has a steady stream of donations coming into its book barn.

All year, volunteers at the Friends of the LSU Libraries receive, organize and pack thousands of books to prepare for their big event: the Book Bazaar. This year, the three-day gathering is set for Jan. 24-26 at LSU’s 4-H Mini Barn and Nelson Memorial Building.

Book lovers can find everything from children’s series to history books on sale for as little as $1. Proceeds from the event benefit the LSU Libraries. lib.lsu.edu/about/friends


More than books: In addition to books, shoppers can find vinyl records, CDs and DVDs at the bazaar. Some of the vinyl records are priced as low as 50 cents.

Special series: Amidst the thousands of books volunteers sort through a day, Friends of the LSU Libraries manages to put together collections of series such as Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books.

Behind the scenes: Twenty-five volunteers have boxed more than 60,000 books for the bazaar. Inside the book barn, thousands of boxes get stacked to the ceiling, organized by genre and language. Two days before the event, the books are transported to the venue.

Making an impact: Because most books can be purchased for less than $6, it’s an opportunity to affordably collect resource books like used textbooks and cookbooks to start your own at-home library. Interesting finds in categories like Louisiana history, art and architecture make unique gifts and coffee table books.

This article was originally published in the January 2019 issue of 225 Magazine.