BR ‘Discovery’: A school for the science-minded

Some children, at an early age, show an aptitude for music, sports, math or drama. Others are born scientists and seem headed on a path to medicine, research or engineering. As a parent, if you have a young scientist on hand, be sure to encourage their interests.

Go on hikes to promote a connection with nature.
Allow your kids to conduct simple experiments at home.
Check into summer camps or classes that focus on science-related topics.
Nurture their curiosity whether they are obsessed with the solar system, medicine, biology or chemistry.

Fortunately, science is a core subject in school, and all children are exposed to it. But a school that highlights a health and science integrated curriculum would be especially beneficial.

We are excited to bring our successful and innovative model of education to the Baton Rouge area. Discovery wraps health sciences around every subject that we teach. We aim to create the future healthcare, nutrition, science and technology workers of the future. We are proud to receive ‘B’ ratings for both Dr. John Ochsner and Kenner Discovery Schools in 2022. Our 2022 School Performance Scores placed Dr. John Ocshner as the sixth-rated elementary school in Jefferson Parish and Kenner Discovery as the second-rated open enrollment school in Jefferson Parish. Browse our website and facebook page, schedule a visit, and talk to our school leaders. We are ready to open Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery and have you be a part of our founding families.”

Dr. Patty Glaser, PhD, CEO and Founding Leader of Discovery Schools

Health and science-integrated curriculum

Enter … Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery (BROD) Health Sciences Academy, which opens next fall. The charter school is a partnership between Ochsner Health and Discovery Schools and is modeled after two successful schools in Jefferson Parish—Kenner Discovery and Dr. John Ochsner Discovery. Charles Natt will serve as principal of the Baton Rouge facility.

Natt has more than 15 years experience in education—as a teacher, administrator, assistant principal and most recently, principal in the Baker School System. He was drawn to the Discovery model based on the unique culture it creates for educators, students, their families, and the community.

Culture of creativity

The school’s rigorous learning environment promises to help students develop intellectually, achieve academically, and practice environmental responsibility while exploring health and science careers. According to Natt, teachers will find creative ways to complement the classroom and textbook objectives—for instance, building propellers to understand wind velocity or planting gardens to learn about photosynthesis.

“But most important are the values that will be instilled in the students,” Natt says. “Characteristics like curiosity, integrity, confidence, a helpful and kind spirit, persistence, and above all, accountability.”

Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery Health Sciences Academy will be located at 17255 S. Harrells Ferry Road, the former site of the Runnels School. Enrollment will start at 400 students in Pre-K through grade 4 the first year, and the school will add a grade level each year after that to eventually include Pre-K through grade 8.

BROD is tuition free and is already accepting applications. Because it is a Type 2 charter school, students from anywhere in the state can apply. (Enrollment is not limited to Baton Rouge residents.) Acceptance is based on a lottery system, says Natt.

“This school will be a true gem and I’m excited to be part of this great opportunity for Baton Rouge,” Natt says. “We have a busy spring planned, with student recruitment events and webinars and job fairs for building an amazing team.”

For details, go to discoveryhsf.org/o/brod.