What the ‘225 Dine’ team is scrolling through this week

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been doom scrolling through your news feed for the latest twist and turn in the presidential election drama. It might be time to step away from the tweets and put your mind at ease with a good read or just something pretty to look at. We’ve got you.

Read on for what the 225 Dine team is into right now.

For some wild interiors and landscaping inspo

@studiojohnsharp on Instagram

“John Sharp calls himself an experiential designer. I’m not really sure what that means, but by the look of his Instagram stories, it’s a lot of cacti and succulent landscaping around gorgeous southern California properties, as well as shopping for quirky midcentury antiques. His latest project was the home of writer, actor and online funny human Jordan Firstman. I was not surprised—yet also pleasantly surprised—by how insane his place looked, but also how on point Firstman’s taste level and point of view was. Architectural Digest took notice, too. And it’s clear how Sharp’s keen eye for great finds turned every space in the house into something truly one of a kind.”

—Benjamin Leger, managing editor

For a lighthearted post-election read

Behind-the-scenes of SNL‘s costume department

“After we watched Saturday night’s acceptance speeches of President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, my husband, Adam, and I set alarms to remind us to turn the TV back on a few hours later for Saturday Night Live‘s post-election episode. When Maya Rudolph appeared on screen as Harris during the show’s cold open, I gasped. How did they get her outfit right that quickly? Adam wondered if they had been in touch ahead of time with Harris’ team. Nope! As detailed in this Popsugar interview, the show’s costume department sewed the matching cream charmeuse blouse and recut a suit from their inventory—all in less than three hours before the show aired. The interview is a quick, easy read, but it will make you appreciate the true artistry of film and television crews’ costume and wardrobe teams.”

—Jennifer Tormo, editor

For an artsy gift idea

Lotta Blobs’ mirrors

“If you’re into Memphis design and squiggly shapes, you’ll probably covet one of these colorful, sculpted mirrors as much as I do. Lotta Blobs mirrors are handmade in a rainbow of colors by London artist Shantelle Hyslop—and yes, they ship worldwide. My favorite thing about them, though, is probably the names of the shades. A black-and-white speckled mirror is called “Cruella,” and a green-and-white spotted mirror is named “Matcha.” I think these would make such fun holiday gifts for the creative in your life. That is, if you can get your hands on one. Hyslop has been doing a shop update every few weeks, but the mirrors usually sell out in minutes.”

—Jennifer Tormo, editor


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