What the ‘225 Dine’ team is scrolling through, watching and more this week

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been doom scrolling through your news feed for the latest on the election results. It might be time to step away from the tweets and put your mind at ease with a good show, some new music or just something pretty to look at. We’ve got you.

Read on for what the 225 Dine team is into right now.

For some meditative watercolor talent

Artist Maja Dlugolecki’s Instagram feed

“Confession: As Election Day approached, I decided to take up watercoloring to soothe my mind. (I got disinterested in adult coloring early on in the pandemic, OK!) One of the artists who has inspired me is the California-based self-taught artist Maja Dlugolecki. Her large, pastel-hued watercolor paintings are lovely to behold. But the real joy is her peaceful videos as she swirls water and paint together slowly across the canvas. It’s a great behind-the-scenes into her process but also provides a calm moment of beauty in these crazy times.”

—Benjamin Leger, managing editor


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For a Louisiana vintage source

The Modern Generalist

I wrote on here before about how exciting it is to find well-curated vintage online shops within driving distance, and The Modern Generalist is another amazing one. The New Orleans shop is the stuff of art deco and midcentury dreams. Plus, the owner seems so nice. I sent the store a message about a piece, and though it ended up being out of my price range, they offered to let me come see the showroom sometime.”

—Jennifer Tormo, editor


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For laughs and lifestyle inspiration

Janea Brown

“Janea Brown is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram stories. She posts about all the same stuff as other influencers, except she’s not afraid to call something out as overpriced or overrated. In YouTube videos and Instagram posts, she ruminates on everything from clothes to rugs. But her best work, I think, is her food content. She calls her kitchen ‘Cafe Overpriced,’ but her plating is gorgeous, and her reviews of Trader Joe’s and other grocery store products have me influenced. One of the most authentic, hilarious lifestyle influencers right now.”

—Jennifer Tormo, editor


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