Tips for organizing your closet from Baton Rouge style bloggers

Keeping a closet organized can be tricky even for those whose livelihood or side hustle revolves around fashion. Our sister publication inRegister asked four local style and beauty bloggers and influencers for their go-to tips on making the most of this small storage space (and how to fill it with looks you’ll love for the long term).

“When I started rethinking my closet organization with my friend Sara Landry of South Coast Organizers, I knew I wanted to be able to see my stuff. I had shoes in boxes, purses in dust bags, and stacks of hats hiding under clothes. I feel that now that I can see my clothes and accessories, I don’t purchase new items as frequently and instead shop my own closet,” Emily Dixon says. “I thought because I didn’t have a Pinterest-looking closet or a spare bedroom-turned-closet, my space couldn’t be transformed to accomplish this. Sara showed me that wasn’t the case and helped me put together a perfect space with no renovations necessary.”

Maria Grace Delima offers another kind of tip: “If you have lots of long-hanging clothes such as long dresses and jumpsuits, the whole bottom of the closet can become a no man’s land,” she says. “Group short-hanging pieces at one end and longer-hanging clothes at the other—that will open up lots of floor space, where you can place a little dresser or a stacking shoe rack.” Read on for the rest of the style bloggers’ tips in this story, which originally appeared in the April issue of inRegister.  

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