Tie-Dye Tigers

Tie-dyed clothing doesn’t so much make a statement as it does draw out a specific mood when we see it. Maybe it’s the feeling of one’s most recent sunny and lazy Sunday, or the blaring memory of a sweat-stained jam band concert still echoing down through the years.

A self-professed lover of live music and sprawling festival fields, fashion designer Amber Perley has wed the mellow, creative vibes associated with tie-dye to her classic Pearl Southern Couture line of clothes to create pieces perfect for a tailgate or a cocktail party and all points between.

Perley’s passion for this classic dying technique runs so deep that four years later, she remains hands-on throughout the creation process.

“I dye every piece myself,” says the LSU alum and clothier who has appeared on NBC’s intense designer competition series Fashion Star.

While her dresses and tops feature a variety of fabrics, the tie-dye ties for men are 100% linen and come in both school colors and spring-ready hues.

“A tie-dyed tie definitely says a lot about a guy’s personality,” Perley says. “It says he likes to have a good time.”

Items from Pearl Southern Couture’s Fall 2014 line are available at all Hemline locations throughout the state, including Hemline Baton Rouge at 16645 Highland Rd.

The full lines are available from pearlsoutherncouture.com.

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