Think Twice Style: Silver slicker

Have you ever come across something in a store that you love, but know is completely ridiculous? Behold, this silver trench—pleather, shiny and terribly flashy in all of its ’90s goodness. And I love it! What a terribly foolish piece of clothing!

IMG_9126To offset the tackiness of this trench, I paired it with all black. Black turtleneck, black jeans, but silver boots because … silver boots. This look makes me feel like a spy. I have begun watching 24 from the beginning again and have been dressing like 2002 Jack Bauer so much lately. I do not think that he would approve of this particular coat. But a less reflective version? Sure, maybe. I just need a sequin Jack Bag and a Nokia phone with a rabbit’s foot chain and I’ll be set.

The Breakdown:

Trench: thrifted (similar)
Denim: American Eagle (same)
Turtleneck: Gap (similar)
Boots: vintage (similar)
Shades: vintage