Sometimes, the best way to decorate a kid’s room is to let them make it their own

Meghan Daniel’s Instagram is a color lover’s dream. Warm reds, cozy pinks and bright greens dot each square, as her maximalist-inspired rooms come to life on the screen.

Recently, a new room has been featured on her page. It belongs to her 5-year-old daughter, Alice.

Meghan and her family moved into their new house in early 2020, and they took their time on the many repairs the house needed, including repainting all the walls.

Alice Daniel in colorful green plaid dress stands on her bed playing pink kid's guitar

“My mom’s really creative,” Alice says. “She’s an artist, and I’m an artist. I’m really just like her.”Stepping into Alice’s room, she gives me a tour of her many stuffed animals, tucked neatly at the head of her bed.

“This is my most favorite bunny,” Alice says. “I like to call her Strawberry. But her name is actually Good Dream Bunny, because she helps me to have good dreams.”

When decorating Alice’s room, most of the decor plays off the color of the walls, a bright and happy yellow. “They painted my room my favorite color,” Alice says. “I love yellow and pink. Actually, I love a lot of colors.” From there, Meghan made a child’s version of the gallery walls she has hung elsewhere in her house.

Polaroid pictures of Alice and her family, paintings by both Alice’s and Meghan’s friends, and small framed posters cover the walls, adding fun splashes of color across the room.

Alice points out one colorful framed painting in particular.

“That’s a rainbow,” she says. “I painted it when I was 3.”

Vintage furniture also decorates the room. One of the most eye-catching pieces is Alice’s twin-sized white metal bed frame. A wood midcentury modern nightstand fits into the funky aesthetic of the rest of the room.

Meghan found a mauve crushed velvet bedspread for the bed’s finishing touch.

The bed also happens to be Alice’s favorite part, and she tells me about how she absolutely loves to jump and belly flop on it.

Also decorating the room: a colorful woven rug, baskets overflowing with toys, rainbow-colored shelves, a mini pink electric guitar and even a mini drum set.

Meghan says Alice usually likes to show off her drum skills when other kids are over, but not so much adults.

“I don’t like to play in front of people,” Alice says. “I have stage fright.”

When decorating a kid’s room, it’s better to take it easy, Meghan says. “I think just be playful with it. It’s going to be messy most of the time. That’s why she doesn’t have a set theme. It’s chaos, but it’s cute. It’s cute chaos.”

Alice’s instructions are simple.

“My advice is to paint it your favorite color,” Alice says.

This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of 225 magazine.