Shift into neutrals for springtime in Baton Rouge

There’s nothing like the feel of a warm spring day after a cold winter. The bright sun beams off your skin, the days get longer, and flower buds begin to bloom.

At Clegg’s Plant Nursery, though, you can feel springtime year round. From the smell of the tall magnolia trees to the bright colors popping from the aisles of assorted flowers, it feels like a tropical oasis no matter the weather.

It may be the banana plants or the palm trees, but something about being surrounded by nature fosters the fresh vibe. When the temperatures rise, it’s standard for Louisiana fashionistas to break out their bold colors, funky prints and denim shorts. But what about the beauty of early spring neutrals?

Beige jumpsuits and pastel-colored flowy dresses aren’t just for celebrities like Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross. After a winter spent binging Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, embrace the “less is more” mentality. Swap the dark colors and heavy materials for light tones and airy garments. Marry muted colors for a fresh, color-blocked look, or layer bold accessories over a simplistic outfit to make a statement.

This season, we’re going back to the basics. It’s a sunny afternoon at our local plant nursery, so we’re unleashing our inner flower children, letting the breeze blow and stopping to smell the roses—in style.

Styling: Elle Marie
Photography: Jordan Hefler
Hair: CeKeisha Williams
Makeup: Katrina Liza and Dylan 
Models: Kelsey Anderson and Alexis Bullock
Shot on location: Clegg’s Plant Nursery on Siegen Lane

Twist-front blouse with V-neck and keyhole back, $87
Flower earrings, $66
Collar chain with large coin, $94
Collar chain with small coin, $48

“Hear Me Roar” pleated gaucho pant, $40
From Wanderlust by Abby

Rcoisa necklace, $375
From local designer Percoisa

Speed Limit 98 heels
Model’s own

Keepsake golden floral smocked dress, $198
Yellow flower earrings, $62
Chain, $66
Chinese Laundry “Rumor” ankle-strap sandals, $60

Double tassel lariat, $398
Percoisa wrap necklace, $298
From Percoisa

Green tie-dye print silk dress, $180
Barichara crossbody, $78
Hexagon earrings, $38
Rojas mules, $138

Leather choker, $350
Fringe bib, $350
Wrap necklace worn as an anklet, $298
From Percoisa

Linen khaki jumpsuit, $172
Jerico bucket crossbody, $98
Molly Phillips earrings, $115
Sergio Zelcer heels, $108

Double tassel lariat, $398
Fish necklace, $398
Rcoisa necklace, $298
From Percoisa

See more photos from this style shoot in our gallery below:

This article was originally published in the March 2019 issue of 225 Magazine.