A Sacred Space Co.’s coconut wax candles bring light to sacred moments

Depending on who you ask, the perfect moment to light a candle varies.

For some, it is during a yoga or meditation session. For others, it’s in their kitchen after they cleaned it spotless. No matter the time or place, Simone Banks, the owner of Baton Rouge candle company a Sacred Space Co., believes you can create your own sacred space by setting an intention and lighting her thoughtful candles.

Banks started her candle business in February 2019. Two months prior, she and her sister started making candles for fun. It was holiday season and they were at home together, so they wanted to experiment creatively. After they got the hang of it, Banks’ appreciation for the process grew. She started sending test candles to friends and family. In March 2019, she sold candles at White Star Market’s farmers market and never looked back.

Simone Banks is the owner of a Sacred Space Co., a Baton Rouge candle business that makes eco-conscious and intentionally crafted candles.

“I like the idea that lighting a candle paused me,” Banks says.

A Sacred Space Co. is sold online, at Sweet Baton Rouge and shops in Monroe, Los Angeles, St. Louis and New Jersey. Banks plans to eventually open a brick and mortar, including a studio for her to work and a storefront for people to shop for candles and accessories.

The 36-year-old makes small-batch candles from home. She uses coconut wax, cotton wicks and essential oils for fragrance for her nature-inspired candles in the Botanical Collection. Oils like bergamot, sage, lemongrass, amber and sandalwood are infused in many of the candles.

“I want them to provide aromatherapy,” Banks says. “It’s like a form of self-therapy.”

A Sacred Space Co. sells two main candle varieties: Botanical Collection and Be: Collection. The Botanical Collection features candles named with words of intention like Surrender, Create, Breathe, Unwind and Awaken. Each candle is topped with a crystal that can be saved once the candle melts completely. Banks believes the crystal stores the candle owner’s energy and the intention they set when burning the candle.

Be: Collection candles are made for everyday use, inspired by elements of the earth, contained in amber jars and complete with an affirmation inscribed on each label. The five candles of the collection are named Prosper, Spirit, Wander, Ground and Reflect.

“Every time you light the candle, you’re taking that in,” Banks says about the affirmations. “I just want people to create their own sacred space.”

In addition to her main collections, Banks also releases seasonal lines for special occasions. In October 2020, she launched a fall/winter collection that featured three candles with cozy cinnamon, citrus and earthy scents. For spring 2021, she plans to announce another limited edition scent called “Freshwater.”

“When people purchase my candles, I want them to feel me,” Banks says. “It’s an energy transfer. I like to call them offerings, not just products.” asacredspace.co

This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue of 225 magazine.

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