A retired teacher takes her love for helping others and opens a thrift store in Mid City

Treasures Galore Thrift Store has the same warm and inviting energy you feel when walking through the door of your favorite aunt or grandma’s home. At the Mid City shop, there are complimentary snacks at the door, and the owner Louisa Palmer greets every customer with her sweet, Southern charm.

Palmer opened the thrift store in March 2021 after she retired from teaching kindergarten for over 30 years. She’s a people person. She’s always enjoyed helping people in need, praying with others and sharing stories. Only a few weeks into retirement, she started selling gently used clothes from her closet at a flea market. She was doing so well at the market, she opened her own thrift store just a few months later.

“I want to give thrifting a new look,” Palmer says. “I wanted to create a thrift store that didn’t feel like a thrift store. I want to help people by making shopping affordable,  providing them with good service and a pleasurable experience.”

Treasures Galore sells clothes for people of all ages. The clothing racks include men’s wear; women’s active, professional and casual attire; children’s clothing; and formal wear. There are high heels in every color and kitchenware of all kinds. The shop also sells small furniture, children’s toys, DVDs, books and household items.

Louisa Palmer opened Treasures Galore Thrift Store this spring, after she retired from teaching kindergarten for over 30 years.

Sifting through the clothes on the rack, customers may stumble upon some fashion gems. Clothing brands like Michael Kors, Lacoste and New York & Company are all commonly found at the shop.

“Why not bless people with your so-called junk?” Palmer says. “Pass things on to the people who can use them.”

Donations account for the majority of items sold at the Government Street shop. It accepts new and gently used items from the public.

And Treasures Galore is not just a thrift store. Customers can also have shirts and mugs printed with custom designs and purchase Palmer’s educational card games for children.

As a way to pay it forward to the community, Palmer gives away a cash card to one lucky shopper a month. Customers can also receive rewards throughout the week during shop events like Spin the Wheel Wednesdays, where shoppers can spin a wheel and receive discounts.

In addition to managing her store, Palmer plans on starting a nonprofit called Homeless Help Mate Project. The organization will host weekly and monthly events to provide food and necessities like clothes and toiletries to homeless people.

Purpose is woven throughout everything Palmer does. Over the years, she has used education and selling thrifted items as mediums to connect with people and reach out a helping hand.

Though she may have retired from teaching, her purpose-driven lifestyle continues to blossom. treasures-galore-thrift-store.business.site treasures-galore-thrift-store.business.site


Treasures Galore Thrift Store is at 5355 Government St. It is open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of 225 magazine.