With the proper care (ahem), these plants will survive indoors

We know you already have a collection of cacti, succulents and air plants. Now, it’s time for an upgrade. Rita Farris, manager and horticulturist at Clegg’s Nursery, shares suggestions for plants even black thumbs can add to their homes. All of these prefer light watering. “Make sure your pots have drainage holes,” Farris says. “These plants love to be on the dry side.” No complaints here! cleggsnursery.com

ZZ plant

This plant, botanical name zamioculcas zamiifolia, grows just about anywhere indoors, Farris says. It prefers indirect light but can survive low light, too. Even if it isn’t watered regularly, it will recover quickly once it’s watered.

Snake plant

The sansevieria, also called mother-in-law’s tongue, thrives in bright light but still grows in low-light areas. It tolerates poor soil conditions and flourishes in well-drained soil.

Fiddle-leaf fig

The ficus lyrate is the plant you’ve seen all over magazines and blogs. That’s probably because it can get big enough to make a statement yet needs little maintenance. It prefers bright light and grows quickly. “Plants in the ficus family are usually temperamental, but this one is not,” Farris says.


Never underestimate the power of a vase of fresh-cut flowers. They add color and life to any space. Bouquets of roses, carnations, daisies and alstroemeria lilies are the most popular, says Shaina Cox of Billy Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts. They’ll stay alive longer when water is changed every other day and stems are trimmed once or twice over the course of several days. Add flower preservatives each time water is changed. Find them at local floral shops, or search for a DIY recipe online. billyheromans.com

This article was originally published in the 225 Extra: 2018 Spaces & Places issue. Click here to read more articles from this issue.