For one-of-a-kind T-shirts, hats and outerwear, turn to locally designed streetwear


Founder: Robert Chaney

Founded in: 2013

About the brand: “My brand (pronounced ‘Co-All’) is a mix of luxury streetwear and classic pieces. Like art pieces, I like my items to be timeless—something you can wear throughout the seasons. Growing up in this city, it wasn’t really common for someone from my side of town to grow and have a brand that’s as big as I feel mine has become. I’m striving to go beyond those norms, giving a different outlook on artistry and stereotypes in Baton Rouge.”

Where to shop: Online at the-xoiil-brand.com. Chaney also maintains a private boutique shop in the Bocage area with limited shopping access by appointment and invitation only. Find new collections and updates on Instagram @companyofall.

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Founder: Kayla ‘Rose’ Magee

Founded in: November 2021

About the brand: “MUSE is a staple brand for my visual media agency called Blueprint77, which was founded on building platforms through visual media for local urban and lifestyle brands. Our clothing brand reflects the art of identity, culture and experience through color palettes and fabrics. Each garment is assembled with intention, simplicity and versatility: You can dress it up, you can dress it down, but it’s very nitty gritty into streetwear culture. Right now, we’re just focusing on essentials, everyday wear but in the future we’ll launch limited custom pieces.”

Where to shop: Online at blueprint77.co/wearemusethelabel. Magee is also working on introducing more live shopping experiences, so stay posted for updates on pop-ups, new collections, custom pieces and more on Instagram

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Founder: Brandon Ferrell

Founded in: 2016

About the brand: “I don’t want it just to be a name on a shirt; I want it to be more of a lifestyle. The word ‘proximity’ means to be close to something in nearness, time or relation, and when people wear it, I want them to have this feeling that any dream is achievable if you keep yourself surrounded by positive energy. ”

Where to shop: Online at proxylounge.com, through the Instagram @proximityglobal, or at pop-up events.

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Founder: Dave Harrington
(a.k.a. DJ Loveyourself)

Founded in: 2016

About the brand: “The aesthetic of my brand is really old school pop culture: video games, anime and stuff like that. The origin of the name is basically a double entendre on reincarnation, like putting a credit into an arcade machine. Because every time you die in an arcade game, you put in another coin, and you come back as another character. ”

Where to shop: Online at creditz.world, on Instagram @creditzworld, at pop-ups at local shops like Politics and Ruckus, and wherever Harrington is DJing.

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Founder: Demond Garner

Founded in: 2017

About the brand: “I like to make clothes for people who might feel like they’re alone. Most people look at the homeless as bums, but I don’t really think that’s the case. I was born in Indiana, moved to Shreveport at a young age. Every time I’d visit New Orleans, I’d see homeless people selling CDs or shirts. I always thought a bum was somebody hustling for money.”

Where to shop: Online at bumware.bigcartel.com. Garner recently hosted his first rap show/pop-up shop at Yes We Cannibal with his collective Black Heart Village, and is planning more events. Updates on Instagram @bumware.

This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of 225 magazine.