Going our own way

Baton Rouge-themed outfits for the 15th anniversary of 225

STYLED BY Elle Marie | PHOTOS BY Joey Bordelon | MODELING BY Taylor Wright

For our 15th anniversary, we asked 225 contributing stylist Elle Marie to create one look to symbolically represent Baton Rouge. She surprised us with two.

Ruby represents a 15th anniversary, so each outfit nods to the Red Stick and 225’s birthday with its red hues. But both styles have a distinct story to tell.

The first is polished and preppy, capturing a city 15 years ago that was comfortable in its own traditions but also ready to be on the cutting edge.

The second is bolder, signifying a community redefined by growth and change. We’re no longer afraid to wear mismatched prints, mix unexpected colors or rock statement pieces. We’re confident. We’re edgy. And we’re finding our own voice.

Our stylist’s take on Baton Rouge in 2020

Le Superbe ombre leopard jacket, $595
Cinq à Sept “Whitney” dress, $495
From NK Boutique

Hearty Diamond earrings, $15
From Be Obsessed Kollection

Kollection STRUT clutch, $30
From B’Klutched

Shoes, hat and bracelets
Stylist’s and model’s own

Our stylist’s take on Baton Rouge in 2005

Endless Rose “Caroline” blazer, $104
Endless Rose “Amore” sweatshirt, $73
Ontwelfth “Penelope” mini skirt, $41
Necklaces, $21-$28
Bracelets, $34-$72
From Rodeo

Diamond Royalty earrings, $13
From Be Obsessed Kollection