A countertop brand by a former Saints player is outfitting hotels, apartments and more in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

A winning mindset has spelled success for Glenn Foster Jr., a former New Orleans Saints defensive end turned entrepreneur. Just a few years off the football field, Foster, 31, has jumpstarted a career in general contracting, real estate development and small business ownership. Most recently, Foster and his wife Pam have turned SLAG, their granite countertop company with roots in Baton Rouge, into a luxury brand offering much more than just stone.

Southern Louisiana Granite—or SLAG—began as a granite countertop installation company with a showroom on Greenwell Springs Road, after Foster stepped into the Baton Rouge market to remodel homes following the 2016 flood.

Today, with a new storefront in one of the most desirable areas of New Orleans, SLAG has evolved into a luxury lifestyle brand offering not only stonework, tile, flooring, cabinets and hardware but a “luxurious, upscale, freaking futuristic energy,” Foster says. “It’s a whole new world that we’ve brought to the granite industry. I think that what we’ve created on Magazine Street in New Orleans is an iconic space that can compete on a global scale.”

SLAG has expanded from residential work to commercial projects—including some projects you may recognize. The brand has installed cabinets and countertops for luxury apartments in Baton Rouge and provided countertops, labor and materials at the Sazerac House and a new boutique hotel owned by the Rubenstein family, both located on Canal Street in New Orleans.

Foster has also invested in Mr. Wolf Espresso & Books in the Contemporary Arts Center on Camp Street in New Orleans, a dream spot and performance venue he calls the best space in the city for diverse artists to showcase their work. His next goal is to expand SLAG into larger markets like Chicago and New York City.

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