This bedroom shows girls just want to have fun, too

Shannon Mahon says her 7-year-old daughter, McKinley, is as girly as it gets. It shows in her bedroom.

From 3-D sculptures of pink flowers surrounding the window to a printed pink shade of curtain fabric by designer Mary McDonald, the room is feminine, elegant and fun.

“I like when the room speaks to the personalities of the child,” Mahon says.

There’s a painting by Mahon’s sister, Lauren Hill, that hangs on the wall behind the dresser. It was painted for McKinley and shows three songbirds perched together on one tree branch while a fourth sits close by, but on another branch.

Mahon explains the birds represent her siblings, and the artwork was created to honor Adam, Mahon’s late brother.

“It’s a special painting,” she says.

While the symbolism in the piece is poignant, it’s also easy to spot the color of pink that Mahon pulled from it for her daughter’s room.

This article was originally published in the 225 Extra: 2018 Spaces & Places issue. Click here to read more articles from this issue.