Baton Rouge retailers see easing supply shortages heading into 2022

Supply delays and shortages have plagued retailers and their suppliers since this summer, but those issues could be easing a bit for some Baton Rouge stores, and could get even better after the holidays.

Royal Standard had begun receiving products weekly again, says sales lead Billie Turner, and the store was fully stocked as of last week.

“I haven’t heard what has changed as far as why we’re getting it on time,” she says, “but I’m so grateful we are.”

Product delays have alleviated at Drusilla Imports, says owner Mary Martin, with the wait time for some items cut almost in half, down to 10 to 12 weeks from 16 to 20.

U.S. wait times began to decline in October, Bloomberg reports. If the supply issues continue to ease into 2022, inflation could begin to fade.

However, supply issues aren’t loosening for everyone. Products continue to get more expensive and take longer to ship for local store Moxi Boutique, owner Jenee Esquivel says.

Where she used to get the store’s custom printed bags in three weeks, the wait time has moved up to six months.

Esquivel hopes things start to improve when holiday shopping wraps up this week.

“The holidays are always a big push with inventory,” she says. “I think it’ll get better with the new year.”

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