Baton Rouge businesses make bold and vibrant earrings out of clay

Eighties fashion trends seem to always come back in style. Spandex leggings, neon-colored tracksuits, scrunchies and fanny packs are just a few of the decade’s staples that have slid back onto boutique shelves. Now, another blast from the past is taking the jewelry world by storm: clay earrings.

Local makers use polymer clay and mixed media to create unique pieces. And many of the earrings are more than just pretty designs—they have interesting backstories. Local contemporary jewelry company Modern Lulu finds inspiration from graphic design, fashion, architecture and photography. Local clay jewelry and art business Okoye Couture sells accessories and art inspired by African plants, textiles and foods. Southern Clay Co., a Baton Rouge clay jewelry business, also gets inspiration from Louisiana culture and colorful countries abroad. Shop these local brands online for trendy clay earrings.