Sugaring: A sweet ingredient offers lasting hair removal

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Can an ingredient that is a staple in cookies, cakes and candy actually offer less painful and longer lasting hair removal?

Indeed it does.

The process known as sugaring has been tried and true for centuries. This ancient form of body hair removal is performed using a thick paste comprised only of sugar, lemon and water.

Here’s how it works: A ball of the paste is applied by hand and molded against the natural direction of hair growth. Then, with a quick flick of the wrist, the sugar is removed in the direction of growth, taking the entire hair and root with it. The same ball of sugar paste is used over and over again until the undesired hair has been removed.

It’s a signature service at Sugar & Bronze, the original hair removal salon in Louisiana. There, the procedure is performed by professional estheticians with incredible attention to detail and tens of thousands of clients’ worth of experience. Owner Jarratt Haviland, the Director of Education and International Educator at Ke Ko Botanicals, personally trains every staff member.

Sugaring is generally considered less painful than other hair-removal techniques, such as waxing or epilators. The sugar paste adheres only to dead skin cells while still effectively capturing the hair, meaning your skin won’t be raw and irritated after your treatment.

Since sugaring removes the hair from the root, repeated sessions can effectively discourage hair growth. Clients discover that the hair that grows back takes longer to appear and is considerably thinner.

Sugar & Bronze offers sugaring of brows, toes and everything in between, including bikini and Brazilian sugaring—scalps and men’s beards being the only exceptions.

The result: The smoothest skin you’ve ever had.

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