Why muscle mass is good, and how to get it

Sponsored by Orangetheory Fitness

The perfect opportunity to revamp your fitness journey is here, and it’s all about the floor! Get pumped for Lift 45, Orangetheory’s new 45-minute resistance training class. A certified coach will lead you through this dynamic session, and leave you wanting more. Lift 45 is specifically designed to build and maintain lean muscle mass, elevate your form, and add variety to your exercise routine. You will gravitate to this style of healthy lifting and challenging floor work.

Your coach will take the guesswork out of weight training, in what feels like personal training in a supportive group setting. Expect to utilize dumbbells, BOSUs, TRX straps and medicine balls. We guarantee you will appreciate the change and welcome this refreshing take on the traditional Orangetheory workout.

With three types of classes—Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body—you always have the flexibility to switch things up.

Book your Lift 45 class today and see how this new option can give you a longer, more vibrant life.