Middle School Matters: How this K-8 model helps students succeed [Sponsored]

Sponsored by St. Luke’s Episcopal School


Being a middle-schooler isn’t easy. Awkward gangly arms and legs, voices changing, and of course, the hormones. When you toss in a major transition like changing schools, things can get dicey for an adolescent.

Studies show that a K-8 model can reduce stress and boost students’ academic performance and sense of well-being. Students in K-8 schools report fewer social issues than their peers in traditional middle schools. It’s the consistent school environment over a longer period of time while they are experiencing considerable physical, cognitive, and social growth that makes that happen.

Studies have shown and administrators agree: K-8 schools allow for a stronger sense of community. Since 1957, St. Luke’s Episcopal School has been one of our city’s finest. It’s also the only Episcopal school in Baton Rouge offering a K-8 model. The atmosphere at St. Luke’s nurtures each student’s individuality with small class sizes to allow teachers to quickly recognize each child’s special gifts and needs.


The traditions at St. Luke’s are celebrated by its students and carried with its graduates. Its K-8 model makes it possible. The school’s buddies program gives older students chances to demonstrate the values of caring, generosity and mentoring. Younger students get to lead their peers through jobs in the classroom and by serving in chapel. When children are afforded these opportunities, they gain confidence, and have a stronger buy-in to learning. It is truly a joy to watch—when the little buddy becomes the big one—carrying on the tradition of mentorship and community to the next generation.


Children thrive with enrichment classes like liberal, visual and performing arts; foreign language; and technology. In addition to these, St. Luke’s also offers after-school activities and clubs. Classmates become teammates with St. Luke’s athletic programs. Fall, winter and spring sports are available to students in grades 5 through 8: the years when being part of a team can make a big impact.

Perhaps the most important benefit to a K-8 model is the environment that allows for tremendous change during the early teenage years. Middle school is a time for exploring new interests and adjusting to amazing physical and social transformations. All this newness is best experienced in a setting that is comfortable and safe. When you combine the benefits of K-8 education with the Episcopal school belief of small class sizes and experienced, loving teachers, you get students who are truly ready to change their world.

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