5 Steps to Freedom: How to solve an IRS tax problem [Sponsored]

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A letter in the mailbox from the IRS usually doesn’t bring good news. Maybe you’re being audited or dealing with paying back taxes. Or maybe you’re in trouble for never even filing a return in the first place. Issues with the IRS will never magically go away on their own, and the longer you ignore them, the more you’ll end up owing. Going up against the IRS often leaves people feeling helpless and alone, but partnering with a tax attorney can help to reach the best possible outcome and even fit your budget.

Bryson Law Firm, LLC brings decades of experience in tax law and tax resolution. Unlike the ‘cookie-cutter’ national firms, Bryson is a local, Louisiana-based Law Firm that focuses 100% of their efforts on tax law. Cary and Angie Bryson have assembled a team of lawyers, analysts, and tax specialists—committed to representing clients of all walks of life—to hear your story, uncover all aspects of your tax dilemma, custom-craft a solution to your problem, and negotiate with the taxing authorities until the matter is resolved. “Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us only after they’ve used one of those national tax resolution firms advertised on TV or elsewhere,” says Attorney Cary Bryson. “Many of these fly-by-night outfits aren’t even licensed to practice law in Louisiana. Like traveling salesmen, they are here to-day, gone tomorrow.” Bryson Law Firm, LLC takes a very holistic, comprehensive approach with fixed rates so clients don’t have to worry about being charged separately when they talk to them.

Consulting a tax attorney is liberating. Click here or call Bryson Law Firm, LLC to set up your free initial consultation to get started on the road to freedom.


Every case is different, so just because someone you know may have reached a settlement for a particular amount, Resolution Plans vary for each unique situation. One thing that is the same is the process. Bryson Law Firm, LLC has established a five-step process to create a successful strategy and resolve your tax issue:

Before spending thousands of dollars on a faceless, national tax firm, set up a free initial consultation with Bryson Law Firm, LLC. When you call, you’ll speak to a friendly Case Intake Coordinator who will get your contact information and learn a little bit about your tax issues. Once it’s established that Bryson can help, you’ll be scheduled for a virtual consultation with a Tax Attorney and receive a pre-consultation informa-tion packet with further instructions on how to prepare for your consultation. In your consultation, you’ll share a bit more about your tax situation and the Attorney will present you with a tentative Case Plan towards Tax Resolution and a fixed fee quote to accompany that Resolution Plan.  Once you say yes to engaging Bryson Law Firm, LLC, you’re assigned to a Team of Tax Professionals to initiate work on your case.

During the Discovery phase, Bryson Law Firm, LLC will submit a Power of Attorney form to the IRS. This means the IRS will no longer call you at home or at work. All phone calls, per-sonal visits and correspondence from the IRS must immediately go through the law firm. You’ll have a lead Tax Attorney to guide you through the process, provide expert insight, and drive your case forward. Your Client Coordinator and Case Diagnostic Specialist as-sists the lead Attorney by compiling your financial information and documentation and completing relevant IRS and Louisiana state tax forms. Overseeing it all is one of Bryson’s senior managing Attorneys, who will be constantly reviewing the strategy to ensure the strategy meets your individual needs.

During and after the Discovery phase, Bryson will ensure you are ready for the Resolution phase by ensuring that you are current and compliant with the IRS and/or State taxing au-thority in both your filing and payment requirements.  In order to successfully present a Resolution Plan to the IRS or State for acceptance, your tax returns must be up to date and you must be current in making any tax payments due for the current tax periods.


Next, your Attorney presents your case to the IRS or Louisiana state tax agents, pro-posing the best option for you, based on your situation and finances. Your situation is unique, so you need a firm like Bryson Law Firm, LLC to formulate a successful strategy that considers your unique situation and represents your best interest, not that of the IRS or state taxing authority.  Bryson will present a cohesive plan that clearly states the rationale for the resolution they are seeking for you and will work to negotiate with the IRS or state taxing authority to secure a formal resolution on your behalf.

Finally, after months or even years of stress, you can finally breathe easy. Your case is resolved. The team at Bryson will then prepare you for life after resolution, staying current on your taxes moving forward so you won’t find yourself in a similar tax situ-ation in the future. Consulting a Tax Attorney is liberating. Click here or call Bryson Law Firm, LLC to set up your free initial consultation to get started on the road to freedom.


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