It takes a village: RSL redesigns school structure, sponsored by Take Note

A student’s success is determined not only by what happens inside the classroom, but by their outside environment. This is a core theme of Redesign Schools Louisiana (RSL), which has actively worked to prioritize community engagement. The school has founded RSL Village, a program that aims to improve lives through leadership and education. Its mission is made possible through the support of community leaders, religious figures, government officials, and private business partners.

According to Candace Lucas, Coordinator of Policy and Procedure at RSL, you’re not a product of your community … your community is a product of you. By working to improve the community, an engaging and holistic learning environment is created.

Recent partners of RSL include the Charles R. Kelly Community Center, Zion City Community Cooperation, Councilman Darryl Hurst, Belford Johnson of BRPD, and Pastor Donald Hunter of the Black Family Initiative. Click here to learn more about how RSL grows roots in the community.